The Senior Tutor Flyer

Teaching Senior Citizens to use technology to improve their lives.

The Senior Tutor Flyer

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The Computer Tutor

Technology is here to stay! Maybe you think technology like laptops, smartphones, and tablet computers are just not for you, but have you considered what technology can do for you?

Consider what computers, gadgets and gizmos can help you to do! 

  • Stay in touch with loved ones via Skype or other online programs of your choice
  • Do your banking and pay bills online.
  • Research and manage your investments
  • Look up medical information and manage your insurance online
  • Surf the web to explore and discover things that interest and inspire you
  • Become an arm chair traveler – Nowadays, you really CAN bring the world into your living room!
  • Simplify your tasks and set up helpful reminders
  • Write and publish your book of memoirs. Did you know there is now software that will type FOR you when you dictate to your computer?
  • Stay in the home you love for much longer
  • Use assistance devices that help you maintain your independence
  • Research organizations you want to do business with. Find out what other people are saying about them

This list goes on!  And you don’t even need a computer to do any of these things!  We can help you sort out exactly what you need and feel comfortable using.  We can even go shopping with you if you need assistance in finding a device that is right for you.

We understand you might be feeling overwhelmed at the thought of having to learn how to use internet-enabled devices. Maybe it just feels like a lot of work to learn a new way of doing things. Or maybe you’re remembering a bad experience you had with a computer in the past. Perhaps you feel technology is doing humanity a disservice. We understand that, and we encourage you to keep reading and consider the following:

  • What if you found out it was easier to learn than you expected – that you can actually have fun learning how to use technological devices?
  • What if you discovered someone who would come teach you in the comfort of your own home where you feel comfortable?
  • What if you discovered someone who would leave you with clear notes on what you learned (cheat sheets) and taught you at your speed?

We have numerous ways to contact us but here are the easiest ones:

The Senior Tutor