We can train your parents!

Teaching Senior Citizens to use technology to improve their lives.

We can train your parents!

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The Senior Tutor recognizes that the parent/child relationship isn’t always an easy one. There is a disease from which virtually every parent suffers.  It is called “Powdered Butt Syndrome.”  Simply put, Powdered Butt Syndrome is when your parents have the concept that since they powdered your butt, they don’t want your unsolicited advice about <insert subject here>.  In this case, it’d be teaching them how to use new technology.

How do I know this case is true?  I have a father with this syndrome.  In his case, though, he refuses to learn from me when I visit him in Florida then calls me when I get home and asks when I’m going to teach him how to use the computer.  We’ve had several people contact us and ask us to teach their parents because they simply don’t have the patience with their own parents when it comes to this.  Their parents are often very open to learning from us. We enjoy teaching them, they have fun learning, and you?  You are now the hero for hiring us!  It’s a Win/Win/Win!!!

“Marianne taught my parents how to use Skype and email to be able to video chat with me and my children whenever they want!  I have been able to stop sending them printed out pictures and just email them!  Now if they want them printed, they just print them.  Marianne taught them that too!  She was patient with them and went over things with them until they felt confident doing it themselves.  It was a great learning experience for them and the best part? I didn’t have to do it!”  Wendy R. – Dayton Ohio

We will teach them with what they want to learn and will leave them with clear and easy to follow cheat sheets so they have something in writing to look back on and remember what they were told.  They will also have our number so they can call and ask questions if they get stuck.

Did you get your parents a new cell phone or tablet or even a laptop for Christmas?  Make an appointment today to get them started in effectively using their new technology!  Our calendar fills quickly contact us and let us know what days and times are best for a lesson!

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