Senior App of the Day – Magnifying Glass Flashlight

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Senior App of the Day – Magnifying Glass Flashlight

February 3, 2015 Uncategorized 0

Senior App of the Day – Magnifying Glass Flashlight

By Marianne Bailey



Have you noticed that as you get older, your eyes start failing you suddenly usually at the age of 40?  I noticed at 40, suddenly the small print on bottles and in magazine suddenly were much harder to read.  I find myself taking my glasses off to read it, and if I have my contacts in, I’m holding it out at arms length. Younger people laugh at me, and people my age or older simple shake their head, all knowingly.

The Magnifying Glass Flashlight is a wonderful app.  The free version of it allows up to 3x zoom. That’s plenty for most people to be able to read that small print, whether it’s on your prescription bottles or on  a menu at a restaurant. How about while trying to read that small print on your bills that come in the mail?  Not only does it have the zoom but it also has the flashlight illuminating  what you are trying to look at.  There are all kinds of things that this app can help you with and is a great way to make your smartphone or tablet work harder for you!

Happy Magnifying!

Note: this app was found and tested from the Google Play store. I’m sure there are some in the apple store  – just search for magnifying glass!

Find it here in the Google Play Store.