Retired? Like to travel? Check out how to not pay hotel bills!


Two years ago, I spent four months in the UK exploring.  When people hear me say that, they think wow!  Was it vacation? Work?  I tell them I went there first at age 15 and wanted my daughter to go at that age and learn about a different place.  We had a blast!

Some people ask – “How did you afford it?”   Well, we house sat for people!  We sat for a family who went to Australia for three months in Wales and another person in Scotland who went to England for three weeks!  In both cases, we took care of their homes as well as their pets.  What a great learning experience for us both!

Are you interested in learning more?  Housesitting can be a great way to travel in the US or abroad and not have to pay for a hotel or housing!  Some people choose to do this as a lifestyle!   Click HERE to learn more!