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Flying Ace Car Wash – Go Green! Wash Clean!

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Go Green!  Wash Clean!

Going “Green” has certainly been a trendy topic and lifestyle over the past several years and it shows no signs of slowing down.  But how often do we really think about our water and energy consumption and footprint?  Sure we try to save resources and money where we can, but do we really know the major users of these resources?  There are certainly things we can do to conserve water and energy in our daily lives and car washing can be one of them.  Car washing?  That’s right!  Car washing can actually be a green activity when you frequent a properly designed professional car wash like Flying Ace Express!

Have you ever thought about what industries are the heaviest users of water in their day-to-day operations?  Logically one of the first considerations might be a car wash.  Why not?  That’s what they do right – wash cars with water!  But did you know that several other businesses you probably frequent regularly are heavier users of water than a “Green” car wash?

For example, did you know that an average sit-down restaurant can use 5,800 gallons of water or more per day while a state-of-the-art car wash with recovery and reclaim systems would only use 4,500 gallons on that same average day?  And a hotel can be even higher usage, much higher!  If an average mid-level hotel had 150 rooms with 67% average occupancy, they conservatively would use over 10,000 gallons of water per day![1]


Water demand worldwide is expected to exceed supply by 40% in 2030 according to the Water Resources Group, a division of the World Bank.  With that in mind, water conservation is more important than ever!  Waiting to address this issue will only accelerate the issue for future generations.  In the car wash business, saving water is not just the right thing to do, it also makes good business sense.  The car wash industry as a whole is continually working to find smarter ways to wash cars and minimize natural resources like water and energy.  Reclaiming water, limiting rinse cycles, reducing nozzle sizes and electronically controlling equipment for usage at precisely the right times are just a few ways resources are saved!

The following chart shows the average water usage for various daily activities and where washing your car at home vs. washing at Flying Ace Express Car Wash fall.  As you can see, washing your car at a “Green” car wash uses relatively little fresh water vs. washing in your driveway and can save over 100 gallons of water!!!



When you wash your car at home or in a parking lot, the dirty water, soap, oils and chemicals that come off your car typically run down the driveway and into a storm sewer, ultimately ending up in our waterways.  By using a properly designed professional car wash, the dirty water, soaps and oils enter a filtration system which removes the contaminants and cleans the water where it can then be reused at various points in the wash process.  The diagram below shows a simplified version of this process.



With the need for conservation all around us, doing our part to help wherever we can is a priority at    Flying Ace Express Car Wash!  As an active member of the International Carwash Association, we continually strive to provide the highest quality, least expensive, quickest GREEN car wash we can that will benefit everyone!  Saving resources through smart design and professional execution is something we can all feel good about!

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Dan Eisenhauer is Managing Partner of Flying Ace Express Car Wash

[1] Auto Laundry News – March 2011