Reasons Senior Citizens Need Technology – Part 1

Teaching Senior Citizens to use technology to improve their lives.

Reasons Senior Citizens Need Technology – Part 1

August 11, 2016 Uncategorized 0

Why a Senior Citizen Needs Technology –Part 1

It’s Time To Visit Your Doctor!

By Marianne Bailey AKA “The Senior Tutor”


You’re at the doctor’s office and they are telling you to look into the little camera and smile. They have just taken your picture and uploaded it to their computer system so that every time they access your information they see your smiling face. You think it is just so that the next time you come into the office they can look at your file and know it is you.

What you did not plan on was that when you leave the office and go home, the details of your doctor’s visit is being uploaded to the computer. The tests that are being run have results that are being uploaded to the computer as well. You will soon receive notification either by phone or by U.S. postal mail instructing you to access your test results  by going to a specific website and accessing your account.

These days those results can be accessed either buy a desktop computer or a laptop. However, did you know that you could also access this information on a tablet or a smartphone? It is the year 2016 and staying off the grid is just not an option anymore. Having one of the above pieces of technology will enable you to access information about your health, and will allow you to keep up with events going on around you.

If you have questions ask me or someone around you that you trust. I also encourage everyone to reach out to a senior near them and if you happen to have some technology that you’re just not using anymore, consider donating it to a senior. What may seem obsolete to you may be just perfect for them!



Marianne Bailey, also known as The Senior Tutor, reaches out to seniors in order to teach them technology to improve their lives. She teaches classes as well as providing one-on-one lessons with seniors. Her goal is to make seniors aware of the resources available to them these days on the internet to help improve their standards of living, which will also help them remain independent longer. Marianne is also involved in service groups, Miami Valley Crime Stoppers and other volunteer opportunities in the Dayton and Ohio areas. She can be reached at or by calling 937.550.3234