Apple admits to slowing down iPhones

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Apple admits to slowing down iPhones

December 29, 2017 Our Parents and Technology 0

Have you ever noticed your iPhone running slower than it used to?  Chances are you have but it was gradual and you didn’t really give it much thought.  Perhaps you cleared off apps you weren’t using thinking that was the solution.  It continued to run slow and everyone you spoke to told you to buy a new phone.

Guess what?  You didn’t need a new phone.  You needed a new battery.   Wait… what???

We seldom associate our smartphone batteries with the speed of our phones.  We look at the processor speeds and how much room is left on our phones.  My first recommendation is always for people to back up their photographs to an online cloud service in order to clean up space on their phone.  Lately though, that hasn’t been enough.

Yesterday I read this article:

You don’t even have to read the article to get the point but it has some good info so I suggest it.

Apple admitted to slowing down older iPhones through their battery.  The only solution was to pay $79 to take it into the Apple Store and get that battery replaced.  You can’t just (easily) do that yourself.  Ridiculous. Read that article if you want more details about the technical reasons behind this.

So now that they have been “found out”, Apple has admitted it but declares it is for the well being of the phone owner.  That’s ludicrous.   Apple is always trying to find ways to make more money.  I get that.  They are a business afterall.  But when you do things that you later have to apologize for, you should know your business practices may not be completely ethical.  Just like when they recently decided to take out the port to plug in earphones.  That was simply their way to sell their own wireless earbuds…. more profits in Apples pockets.  They should be apologizing for not giving their customers that option also!

According to the story above (see link), Apple has been accused of using this to juice new iPhone purchases.  With the new iPhone X being $1,000, it sure looks that way.  Apparently there are lawsuits in the works over this.

Apple has apologized and said they will reduce their fee to replace to battery in older phones from $79 to $29 over the next year.  Instead of forcing you to purchase a new expensive phone, they are promising you faster speeds again if you bring your phone into the Apple store this next year only and replace your battery.  That’s nice of them (rolls eyes).

I’m not bashing iPhone users.  I will continue to teach them how to use their phones more effectively to fit their needs.  But I do not agree with many of Apple’s tactics to sell more products, especially slowing phones down through the batteries.   To me, it feels like a sleazy scam.